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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last night my blood sugar started to drop after I worked out, so at my friend's house I had 3 Kashi crackers totally 26.8 cals and the rest of my cranberry juice at about 50 cals. The day was still 350-400. What I care about is the weight loss and I was down another pound this morning, so that's fiiiiine with me!

I'm feeling pretty weak this morning, but I feel better the longer I'm up. It IS a cloudy, droopy day outside anyways... I think I will have a bowl of cereal for breakfast because I need to use my milk and it will give me strength. I find that if I eat a strong breakfast, I'm more likely to lose a significant amount during the day. I have so much to get accomplished today... and I was tempted to hold my workout til tonight, but I think I will eat breakfast and see how I feel. We are supposed to get snow and I'm afraid it may get bad, then I wouldn't be able to workout and that would suck! Wish me luck.


Decided to wait and workout with my friend tonight... the snow isn't gonna get bad. I have eaten 325 cals this morning, because I was so weak. I will probably stick to fresh foods the rest of the day and all will be well.


Had 20 more cals of coffee, 15 cals of lettuce and tomato and 50 cals worth of dressing. Not a bad dinner. Not planning on having anything else tonight unless I get sick from hardcore working out like last night.

Total for the day= 410. If I have to eat anything else, which I'm not planning on, It might be a below 500 day! For being so lethargic I could barely move this morning, not a bad day!


Didn't make it to the gym bc of stupid snow. Better safe than sorry. Ugh. And I feel full and fat because I drank a diet root beer, took some dulcolax (finally!), and ate 4 pringles :( Those things are TEN CALORIES APIECE!!!! I think what bothers me the most is that they are so full of literal lard. I guess calorically, I'm at 450. I'm just sad because I didn't get to burn it off and I'm afraid I won't have lost anything tomorrow. I just gotta lose a pound a day! I'm sooo so close to my first real goal. Oh well. What would be great is if I crap out like 2 lbs. That'd be wonderful.

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