Weight Loss to Date

Friday, January 15, 2010

FINALLY!!!! I lost 1.5 pounds from yesterday! A little bit throughout the day must be the answer. I am so pleased!

A bump in the road, yes, and I guess I'm not going to be at my goal for CO... that's pretty obvious, but I can be thinner than I was! Let's hope this keeps up. I think its probably easier than starving completely, because at least I can eat little things all day. Yay!


So today:

1 slice of toast (50 cals)
10 almonds (85 cals)
Salad (50 cals)
yogurt (60 cals)
a little pudding--fail! (40 cals)
cranberry juice with nasty superfood stuff (125 cals)
coffee with cream and NSA hot chocolate--fail! (90 cals)

500 calorie total so far. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need to eat at least one more thing tonight. Not happy about being over 500 cals, but maybe I can just eat salad or something....

I really think this whole eat a little throughout the day thing is gonna be so much better for me than once a day. I have had another BM-- 2 days in a row! Means my metabolism is going for once. Hopefully I will feel less tired soon!

Plus... 65 cals worth of cereal. My ulcer was really hurting!

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