Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Okay. I'm home now. While I was at my Dad's, I lost 11 lbs. I think that constituted 1 lb. per day not counting the day I got there (I ate a good amount that day) and yesterday. Yesterday was probably my lowest caloric intake ever, but then I binged last night after grocery shopping. I ate an apple, 180 cals worth of cottage cheese, and about 20-30 cals of salsa. I know that doesn't sound like terribly much, but it was unintentional. I just had this crazy taste in my mouth... kinda like dairy or mayo or something, and it was making me crave. The good news is that I had already decided to eat kind of normally today to help my metabolism because I suspect its not running real well right now. I ate that stuff after midnight, so technically its on today...

I'm planning on going to the gym for 2 hours today, at least. The bad part is that all the New Years' resolutes will be there. I don't really make resolutions because my family has never made a big deal about New Years. Hence, they were in bed by 11 that night... Welp, I try to just make decisions normally and that includes for my well being. I don't like that my fat ass is gonna lumped in with all those people, but whatever. I do what I have to do for myself, like this is any other day of the year.

My plan for the day is to eat semi normally. 900ish calories, if I can manage to eat that much, try not to eat any sweets. I definitely need to take some vitamins and stuff because I can tell the weather change is already getting to me. I will probably also have some green tea and blueberries... the antioxidants usually kick a cold in the teeth for me. After working out, I MUST practice because I have an audition in 2.5 weeks and counting.

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