Weight Loss to Date

Friday, February 12, 2010

Coffee-- 40 cals
yogurt-- 80 cals
a waffle fry-- 25 cals
banana-- 90 cals

Total so far... 235. And I may eat this granola bar I have sitting in front of me. 130 cals.

Total so far now-- 365. Keepin it under 500 today. Why do I only think about food?!?!?! Going to work out in just a bit. Good for me, at least I'm doing something!


Burned approx. 300 cals at the gym in this aerobic dance class. My friend talked me into it bc she was teaching and it was the first week. Not what I wanted to do. I felt like a fat ass bc there were boys in there too. And I could have burned more cals on the elliptical! Or even walking up hill. Ugggghhh. Oh well. Its done. I have opera rehearsal all day tomorrow from 10-5. Hopefully I won't eat anything stupid for lunch.


Drank like a 90 calorie coffee. I didn't mention that I got down to 172.2 the day I left for Knoxville. Since then its been constant eating because of either trying to keep my strength for singing, or being around people. I'm going hardcore again, and I love it! Haven't weighed because I feel like I probably gained more than I wanna know... So I dunno when I'm gonna weigh, but it will pb be in the next couple days. I feel like there is something wrong with me because I'm not hungry at all today...

After what J. said, I can't wait to get down to a weight that is not disgusting. Seriously. I want to make out with him just so that I can say that I have. I'm so shallow. I think really that I just want to be desired by SOMEONE. Somewhere. Is that so much to ask? My big goal is 150 for now, but 165 is my relatively short term goal. I NEED to do this.

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