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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Epic Fail

I was doing so well on my fast... and then I broke weak. I started to get that weak low blood sugar feeling, so I thought I might have a 100 cal popcorn. But then I really wanted some meat, and I had this frozen chicken dinner that was only 140 cals, so I thought I would just go for the extra 40 cals and call it a day. A girl needs protein, right? And then I proceeded to add stuff to it. I lost control. I added a piece of cheddar cheese, and this spicy ranch sauce that I had. And I ate some of my roommate's chicken nuggets. And added some tortilla chips to the mix. and a tiny piece of chocolate.

And now I feel that I would like to puke... willfully and unwillfully simultaneously. But I don't purge, because that would ruin my voice. I probably just consumed 500-600 cals, if I had to guess. All because of my greediness. The good news is, I have been wanting to work out but I'm usually too weak to when I'm fasting. So I'm going to work out now, and give myself a clean slate.

I can do this!! I will do it. Stay strong. The great thing about screwing up is that you can always start over.

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