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Sunday, February 21, 2010

HOW is it possible that my roommate's scale and my scale register a 7.5 pound difference???? And she says hers is pretty accurate. Mine is the heavier one. I just don't get it... Grrrr. Its like the gap is widening. First I noticed 4-5 pounds, then definitely 5, 5.5, and now we are up to 7.5??? I swear I'm not making this up!

Anyways, her scale says I'm 165.0 and my scale says I'm 172.4. I don't understand it. Oh, and this morning when I got up it said 166 and 171.6, respectively... although mine actually varied between the low weight and 173.4. I just don't understand!!! (Oh, and I weigh myself multiple times on both scales EVERY TIME i weigh.)

I'm going to my friend's house on monday. She has one of those balance beam doctor scales. What I will do is weigh myself with all my clothes before I leave and then use her bathroom as soon as I get there. That will at least give me a guess of which one of my scales is accurate. I swear if I had money that I'd go and buy another one. This is driving me crazy!!


So, after the lenten evensong at church, I came home woozy and low on energy as ever. I swear, much more and I literally might pass out. So I ate some popcorn. I honestly do not feel bad about it because I have to keep my metabolism going while still losing. There's no way that can make me gain...

Anyways, my roommate's scale says 164.5-166 and my scale currently says 171.2. I know I'm getting obsessive about the scale. Can't help it! If I took the average of the two, I'm 167.8. Its frustrating not to be able to count on either scale. I wish I knew what the Dr's scale says, because its always the one that counts. But my friend's scale tomorrow night may be able to feud it out for me just a little. I wish I really was 164, but I don't believe it.

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