Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, February 27, 2010

If you are reading, please just forgive me. I'm crazy. I will continue to be crazy until I hear from these stupid grad schools. I've never ever wanted anything so badly in my life. I'm nuts right now!

I broke weak. I couldn't take the heat. I drank that million calorie latte earlier... Just had an andes mint, the equivalent of a full bowl of dry raisin bran (at least it will make me use the bathroom), and a large cup of low cal hot chocolate.

And hahaha, my roommate just came home and said... "Oh yeah, you must be stressed. You're cleaning again..."

Oh dear Jesus, help me! (I want to get into grad school and know it already and I want to lose... and be suitable for soubrette opera roles...) I'm so so sorry if you are reading and tired of hearing it. I promise that it will hopefully be over soon.


  1. You'll get into a bunch of schools, I am sure of it! I know waiting is the hardest thing ever, so you are warranted your craziness while playing the waiting game lol!

    Also, for some reason your blog is on my dashboard list, but it doesn't show when you update :( So I sometimes forget to check your blog to see if you have updated. It tells me when I click on your blog name that they can't find a feed for your URL, and then they give me the URL as a link to "check that this is correct". So I can still get to and read your blog, but that's why I am not commenting as much because it doesn't show when you update. I don't know if there is anything you can change to your blog so it does show? Or maybe that's just how you want your blog set up. Just wanted to let you know in case it was something you didn't know about!


  2. I wish I had your zeal and fervor and excitement concerning school! I wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog...it really means the world to me. <3

    Stay lovely, keep strong.