Weight Loss to Date

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I basically am stuck at 173. I have been stuck here before, the last time I saw this number. No matter what I did i couldn't break through. Took me several days of being hard core, then once I got past it, it was all good.

Today I have eaten one egg white (45 cals) and had about 60 cals worth of coffee. I am gonna take a mild laxative/stool softener thing, drink a ton of water bc I am dehydrated, and call it a day. I will break through this wall, mentally AND physically.


And I just put the stool softener in a glass of milk... (130 cals)


Drank a powerade, and a vitamin water, had an egg white, and a big handful of french fried onions. Ugggh.

But I did burn 625 cals today. I almost broke even, I figure... If I am not at least one pound lower tomorrow, I dunno what I will do. I just have to break through! Today has been hard. When I ate the egg white, I got that "open the floodgates" feeling you get when you know that if you eat just one bite, you may not quit. I managed though.

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