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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weighed myself this morning... 173. I always get stuck at this damned number!!! It is probably more mental than anything bc I dropped to 172 for a day, but I always screw myself over when I get here. Well, today I'm gonna drop it some more. Can't wait to be 165. Seriously.

Today I have eaten some chocolate covered espresso beans: 100 cal?
Starbucks coffee: 100 cals.

Plan is to make it the rest of the day on really light stuff and to be very light about it tonight at the party. Z, please don't don anythign stupid!!! YOU WANT TO BE THIN!!! You don't want to be a fat ass. Which you are right now. Get with it!!!

Tomorrow, hello 172 and 171. You are almost mine!


Today I pb ate about 150-200 cals total of chocolate espresso beans. But at least it was caffeine! And then I had another half a cup of coffee, about 20 cals.

My guess is that I ate around 300-400 cals for the party... Not really entirely sure. More than I wanted :( At least I said no to pizza. It helped to have M.A. there with me, because I knew she was paying attention to what I ate. I always watch what she eats too, though. Not a bad thing. She def ate less than me :(

Lets say I ate between 600-700 cals. Not my finest hour for sure... but maybe I lost. Hopefully. I'm super hungry tonight, for real. I want to be 165 so so so so bad. I need motivation for so many areas of my life right now. So bad.


Plan tomorrow is pb to eat protein. I will eat egg whites when I get up, maybe a boxed dinner at some point. I need energy. Today was tough, and tonight is even worse. I just weighed at exactly 173 (again!) but maybe by the morning I will go down... We'll see. I know I really need to hydrate tonight so that I sing well...

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