Weight Loss to Date

Monday, February 8, 2010

I need some reasons to lose weight right now:

1. All the ridiculously successful and talented opera singers are as beautiful and perfect looking as their voices sound.

2. My Father.

3. General opinion of men everywhere.

4. General opinion of people everywhere.

5. More beautiful people succeed much easier.

6. My health.

7. I can run!

8. I will get to do more varied opera roles! I would make a more believable Zerlina or Adele, etc.

9. My voice type requires it.

Things I will do when triggered:

1. Drink a ton of water.
2. eat celery til I'm silly.
3. look at the opera videos I have of myself.
4. Compare fat and skinny pictures.
5. Look at pictures of young successful opera singers.
6. List all of the things my father would say, and that I feel certain other people in my life would think...
7. Think of T. and J. and all the people that look down their nose at me just because of how I look.
8. Drink coffee.

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