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Monday, February 22, 2010

I NEED to hear from grad schools more than anything else I've ever needed in my life! I could possibly know sometime next week, so that's 6 days. Could be as much as 14 from now, before I even start hearing... Not sure. Just know that sometime around the first of march.

This is complete agony. The worst agony ever. I'm desperate. Ugh.

And in case you were wondering, I ate a lot tonight. There's always tomorrow. But tomorrow night is the cast party. It just seems like I do better if I turn myself loose when I'm actually gonna eat a meal... I did really well on my semi-fast these last few days. Apparently before I ate I was at a solid 167 (my friend's scale was 3 pounds lower than mine, and she has one of those doctor scales). Four whole pounds. But then if I eat tomorrow, I'll have to lose 2 of those again. Which sucks. But I know my brain... as long as there is an overall loss...

I'm gonna work out tomorrow. It will take some of my stress about this grad school crap too. And I'm working alot this weekend, I think. Just gotta keep myself busy...

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