Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I feel like crap today. My stomach always rumbles at me with anger the day after I eat normally. Which is a good thing because it won't take me days and days to get it out of me... hopefully. But I wish I hadn't eaten so that I could keep the results I was seeing. And tonight is the cast party (the director is paying for our food out of the budget so I decided to go...). I wish I had the strength to hardly eat.

The problem is, I am an all or nothing girl. Either I'm gonna eat, or I'm not. I don't do well with restriction for very long. I start eating 700 or 800 and that gets higher and higher really quickly. And then I don't lose or I lose at a snail's pace. It seems easier to eat really well when I do eat, and then abstain as much as I can. I dunno. I'm just afraid that won't work. I'm afraid of not losing. But geez, sometimes I really love starving...

I have a part time teaching job as a music teacher at a little private school. The good news is that I had a GREAT time teaching my kids today, and they are also giving me more hours. Which is awesome because I can use the money for sure! Hopefully our easter program will be good...

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  1. I am the same way, all or nothing. Today I am fasting, no food = no hunger. Once I eat something, I "wake" my stomach up and eat all day.
    Stay strong!