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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today has been a great day so far! I think I figured out that its really important for me to take vitamin B-- it changes how I feel completely.

This morning I got up and trimmed my roses from last night and put them in a vase. (My voice teacher brought them to me at the performance!) Had a cup of coffee and did the dishes. I am not hungry at all! It could have something to do with the fact that I ate an INSANE amount of food between Thursday night and all day yesterday-- into about 3 am. But all of that is over now. The only times I have to eat this weekend are Monday night to go eat dinner with my friend (the plan is to fast until then) and the cast party on Tuesday night. Not lovin' that those are 2 nights in a row, but if I fast, maybe I can make some kind of progress. I've got to stop with the allowances now. Auditions are over, performances over, and the things I have to do, I can do while I'm not eating.

I can do this! I will do this!


So far, so good. Plenty of coffee, then went out with everyone after the opera performance. Didn't eat, only had a little regular coke. I was getting really faint and dizzy, headache, etc... Yay for fasting tomorrow! 2nd day is always the hardest. And if I need an sos, I have cranberries. I can SO do this!

I'm really hoping to dip below 170. 160's, here I come!!!


Okay, so what the heck should I do?? My scale fluctuates within 1.5 lbs in 30 seconds time. Put myself on the scale 5 different times, got 3 different answers. Grrrrrrr!

My scale consistently says 173.4. My roommate's scale says 167.5. Who to believe???? I think that I'm gonna start following what her scale says too. Hmm. We'll see.

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