Weight Loss to Date

Monday, February 22, 2010

This morning I weighed 170.0 on my scale and pretty consistently 163 on my roommates scale. I went to a different friend's house last night and their scale said 169.4; about 2 lbs less than mine. So I think what I will do from now on is weigh myself on mine and subtract 2 pounds. I guess we'll see what my friend's scale says tonight.

I ate a couple cookies earlier :( and I'm going to eat dinner at my friend's house. Santa Fe Soup-- lots of calories. At least with all the veggies and legumes it has good nutritional content. And then cast party. And then I am pretty sure I will try to liquid fast. I feel somewhat pleased with my progress over the past few days, but I need to do more. I want to lose more!!! At least its nice that I've found this semi good willpower.

Just weighed again. My scale: 170.2; Roommate scale: 165.5. Freaking fickle. So annoying. I guess we'll see what my friend's scale says...

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