Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I stupidly stepped on the scale today... I dunno why I did that. I knew I would be disappointed. But like always, the weight comes off quicker after I eat than other times. It was a painfully high number, but I'm not gonna think about it and I'm not gonna freak out. It will level out quickly. Yay for losing! I'm gonna do it!

Last night I was out of my head with anxiety. It will all be over soon, and I will no about schools. I just decided to block it out of my mind because I can't take this everyday for the next week. So whatever. No reason to think of it much right now. Next week I can worry.

Today is a fasting day, as much as I possibly can manage. And I'm so ridiculously dehydrated... Its gonna be a good day. It really is.


I'm sooooooo freaking hungry. and tired. But last time I fasted the first day was actually the hardest and then the subsequent days were ok. Most people say the 2nd day is the hardest? Well, I guess the 2nd day was the day I had to have popcorn... that part makes sense. I'm going for 3 days again, but I'd really like to last until next monday. That would be amazing. We'll see how it goes. I think I will nap for a little bit and then go get some Starbucks. I need some energy because I have some things to accomplish. I can't stand being a bump on a log. I AM STRONG!!! I CAN DO THIS! WOOHOO!


  1. Hey you! I'm so flattered so thanks!

  2. Yes, I have definitely heard that the second day is the hardest of a fast, but after that it gets easier, and you end up getting to a point where you don't even get hungry! I am not much for fasting, though, so I've never tried. I fasted for one whole day once, and the next morning when I woke, I had to crawl to the bathroom in a cold sweat, shaking, to use the bathroom. So I decided fasting was not for me lol!

    Good luck with grad schools, I know how that goes. I was applying to vet schools two years ago, and it was the most stressful time of my life waiting to hear back. You'll most definitely get into a bunch of places though, I'm sure! I didn't think I would get in anywhere, and I ended up being accepted into 5 out of 6 schools I applied to. Keep up hope, and just try to stay calm while you are waiting for those acceptances to come in :) I know that's easier said than done!

    Stay strong!! xo