Weight Loss to Date

Monday, February 15, 2010

This morning I ate:

A frozen dinner (160 cal)
a small handful of blueberries (50 cal? maybe 100)
and something else I can't remember but I decided the morning total was:

250 cals.

For dinner I ate:

a chickfila wrap (410 cal)
2 mini peppermint patties (100 cals)
a bit of my friend's sandwich (40ish cals?)
Vitamin Water (125 cals) FAIL.

TOTAL: 925 cals. Way freaking too much. But I did feel really, really horrible this morning, so I needed to eat something substantial... its the stupid vitamin water and peppermint patties that were ridiculous. And I was hoping the wrap was less calories. No such luck.

I've been craving cheese like CRAZY. Cheddar cheese with chicken. Or, to put it specifically, a fried chicken salad with no dressing from a particular restaurant here in town. Sooooo good. I'm so huge. It makes me sad. But I was 172 pounds when I got up. One pound less. Although I am disappointed because the first two times I weighed, I was 171.2. And then the scale randomly changed. I hate when it does that shit. Hopefully I can lose at least a little...

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