Weight Loss to Date

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am such a freaking cowwwwwwwww.

I had the stomach flu (sort of) this weekend, and I gained because I was so queasy that I didn't mind eating whatever would settle my stomach. I was down 22 lbs, but I've probably gained 5 of that back. I was only 3 lbs. from my goal for my audition

It will be ok. I will pick up the pieces!!! I figured out that I really, really, really wasn't eating enough and that's why I was tanking and feeling so tired all the time. At least there is no more ice cream in the house. I really, really, really can go back to this!!!

My plan: Eat 1000 cals and burn 500 on the days I work out (every other day). Eat 500 cals (or less?) on regular non gym days. My metabolism should be psyched out enough from that! Starting tomorrow. And tomorrow is a 500 day...

I know I will drop at least a couple of the pounds I put on very quickly, because I always do after boost my metabolism like that. My plan is not to weigh again until Wednesday morning. No point weighing tomorrow, I will just be depressed!!

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