Weight Loss to Date

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good News

I am down 2 lbs from yesterday morning!!! Woohoo!!! 169.6 on my scale, but my scale I figured is consistently about 2 lbs higher than most scales...

Already thinking about my next goals. I'm crazy.

But happy that I lost.
And even though I'm so freaking hungry, I'm motivated to keep going until Monday:)
Hoping to see some great results...


Today I didn't eat. Not a morsel. But I did drink loads and loads and loads of coffee. I drank a venti mocha at starbucks. Don't judge me. I know that has like a million calories, and therefore I have screwed myself over. I didn't mean to drink it all. I was gonna drink half of it and save the other half for tomorrow. I broke weak. I didn't eat a morsel today, and somehow I'm convinced that the scale is going to revolt against me.

I feel so huge... you just don't understand how badly I need this weight to melt off of me. Which is why I have been motivated to fast. But its worthless if I do crap like that. Ugh. I'm sad. But I'm gonna go work out with my friend... maybe I can undo a miniscule amount of the damage I just did.

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