Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do I know how? Nope... I guess running is really doing its work :) And I'm barely eating. Yesterday I only ate what I needed to run. First thing in the morning is coffee and after my system has cleared, I can count on it to give me a good reading!

I'm dying to see 150's on the scale. A couple more days of this and I will solidly be in the 150's. But I know I can't sustain this rapid weight loss forever. I am bracing myself for a crash and burn plateau. I know that's negative, but I'm afraid of it. Its coming sooner or later, you know? My metabolism will eventually refuse me and I will have to start eating to function for awhile. But for now I am totally gonna enjoy it. 150's, here I come!!


  1. That's fantastic dear!

  2. Look at you! You're going to be in the 150s in NO TIME! P.S. I love the pics of you! You are so beautiful :)

  3. Awesome! I bet you're going to be in 150s tomorrow if you ran today....