Weight Loss to Date

Monday, April 5, 2010

WTF??!!  161.2.  I just weighed. I kid you not! The plateau has broken!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost 6 lbs this week and I'm not sure how the hell I did it. And I'm running tonight, so I might even be 160 tomorrow.

I'm gonna try really hard to not count on it, because I don't wanna set myself up to be really sad. Plus, like always, I balloon up a couple lbs right after I see a low weight. I swear to you I saw 165 at least once on the scale yesterday. I drank only coffee and water so far today, so I probably cleaned my system out. I haven't eaten anything, but I dare not try to run on an empty stomach, because I will end up getting sick and binging. So a reasonable dinner with minimal carbs and I'll be good to go!

The awesome thing is, I haven't weighed this little in probably 3-4 years. I'm so psyched! The scary thing is, my hair is falling out. I can't tell how much of it is natural shedding... but I'm trying not to stress about it yet. When I am thinner I can worry about it, and then getting a short bob won't be so disgusting on me, you know?

For now I am very happy, but trying to brace myself in case I do see a higher number tomorrow. The more reasonable I am with myself, the more likely I am to succeed and keep losing :)


  1. AWESOME JOB! I have yet to break my plateau (because of lack of self control, for sure~) but I hope that I'll be able to asap! Don't stress about your hair. Just take a multivitamin and up the protein in your diet! Hair is made up for protein, which makes me obsessed with it o.o

    Oh and I'm diabetic. I'm starting this new regiment which is giving me more control, which makes me oh so excited :D

    Good luck!

  2. yay for the awesome weigh in! Don't be so pessimistic...tomorrow might give you just as great a number!