Weight Loss to Date

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sorry. In my last post I meant to say that my Ultimate Goal is 100, with 140 being what I wanna weigh before Colorado.

Tonight after my run I was 161.6. I am gonna drink a bunch of water tonight and see if I can shift some of my water weight. Dehydration actually makes you retain as much as possible until your body gets enough... So if I drink enough, I shouldn't have this problem. I ate more than I wanted today. I think I ate 650 which isn't bad, but I'd so love to just run on nothing. I want to be EMPTY.

I'm desperate to lose, to be in the 150's as soon as possible, but I'm worried my body will rebel and I will stay fat. I'm afraid...

I'm gonna drink a ton of water and go to freaking bed. Hope I'm lighter tomorrow. *crossies*


  1. you should be lighter...I mean from this morning, you lost about a pound. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm always a pound heavier in the evening. So if it's true for you too, than you probably lost...

    Either way, hoping for a smaller number in your post tomorrow!

  2. I honestly think you must be gaining a lot of muscle because you seem to be running all the time. You should eat watermelon. It's hydrating, good for you, and makes you pee a lot. Wheeee!

  3. I almost forgot you're going to CU! When I meet some friends in Boulder, we should totally hang out...in a non-creepy way. lol