Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Went and worked out for over an hour. Pb burned 600 cals I think?

Came home and weighed... I think I had been dehydrated, and I drank water throughout the workout, so I was 160.6. Pb influenced by the water.

I was gonna eat just a couple boiled egg whites and be done. Nope. Beef stew. A little chicken and rice. And an egg. Shit.

No eating the rest of the day. Had already taken half an exlax...

And I will pb make myself run at least a little tonight. I'm a fat ass. And I MUST get this weight off!!!


  1. I think you're doing pretty good, weight loss wise. It's probably because you're exercising, so your muscles are helping you lose weight even though you're eating.

    You're almost in 150's...The anticipation is almost killing me!

  2. oh...and I love you!! I was thinking that if you're ever in California, we should meet up! I'll drive six hours even if you go to LA!

  3. <3
    Good Job!

    I drink so much water when I work out, that I can't even THINK about weighing myself til 2 hours and 3 bathroom trips later.

    Keep it up! You can do it, I know it!


  4. You're doing awesome. Man, I need to start running again...so inspirational.

    I'm glad you want to meet! That means I need to get skinny before then. lol We have summer, right?