Weight Loss to Date

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this. I've been a little off this week. Lots going on, but not really any motivation towards anything. I received an academic honors award through my dept. Since I graduated in Dec, it was a little weird, but they only do them by academic year right before May graduation. They hold an honors chapel to let all honors students be recognized and certain people get to speak and a couple get to perform. They asked me to sing of course. And then the award presentation was later in the afternoon. I received the Vocal Performance Award. Which of course, even though I was Music Ed, is the award I wanted. My teacher got to present the award and she said soooo many wonderful things about me. It was awesome. And I tripped over myself going up the stairs to the stage and coming back down. That was awesome too (not).

Since the one time a couple of weeks ago I haven't been able to get back down to 160. My weight has floundered around but hasn't really budged overall. For almost a week, even though I was doing everything right and running I wasn't losing. And then I got really busy and went out of town and ate sooo much and really still didn't gain. Not considerably.

I've been back for 2 full days and tried to restrict and both days I ended up just eating and eating. And I've only gained 0.4 lbs back. Really weird, but I'm grateful. Now I'm just trying to find the psychological motivation to start really doing this again. I know I could bust the 150's and this plateau if I set my mind to it.


  1. Oh, that's awesome! It's always nice to get awards that you want. :] Don't worry too much, you'll get through your plateau, I know you will.
    Stay wonderful. :]

  2. Omg congratulations!!! I'm so proud!! Haha, it's awesome that you go the award you wanted, you deserve it.
    The plateau will budge, especially since your metabolism is in working condition, a shock to the system like a liquid fast or a veggie fast or something might facillitate (oooh fancy words scarlet!) Some nice weight loss!
    Good luck babe!