Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Following the trend... One of just my face, because I'm too embarrassed to show you my body. Its all lard. I'm the one on the left in green. The girl on the right is one of my beautiful, perfect, naturally skinny friends.

And another-- a pic one of my photographer friends took of me as a headshot.

 That last one is me goofing around with friends.

I wish could show you me... but I'm no thinspiration to anyone. You'd be disgusted. Trust me.

(Deleted photos because of privacy...)


  1. Aaahhh! You're adorable!

  2. aww you're too hard on yourself....

    (p.s. are you armenian?)

  3. You're gorgeous! You remind me of Nikki Reed. You are going to be absolutely stunning.

    P.S. You're prettier than your friend! ;)


  4. Aww you are so pretty! Really though, and I am not just saying it. You have such pretty eyes and smile :)
    Oh and I wouldn't mind being buddies :)

  5. SO pretty! I loooove this thing where we're getting to see each other! :) You look a lot like my sister- and that makes me like you a bunch!!! :)

  6. Well I agree with all the other skinnies, you're absolutely gorgeous!
    I just read your previous post about your inner dialogue and how applying makeup just feels like a waste because you're still the same weight etc... I struggle with lots of things, including makeup.. and hair. - Why waste the time, I'm still huge and nasty..
    Thank you so much for your comment =)

  7. I'm so behind the times! I just saw your pictures and you, my dear, are beautiful!