Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I ran approximately 4 miles tonight, basically continuously. I think that's the longest distance I've ever run without walking inbetween for a substantial amount of time. Afterwards I felt amazing. For a bit.

I am on my period, and though it is very light, I am bloated as all hell.

I feel disgusting and there is nothing that can make me beautiful enough to hang out with the beautiful people. Hopefully being with them will give me the thinspiration to stuff myself with only veggies instead of all the garbage that they are bringing. My job was to bring the veggie tray. I personally wanted to make sure it was there.

I am a complete and utter fatass. Nothing can change that by tomorrow. But I have to stick with this. I'm losing slower than molasses, but if I can just freaking stick with it, maybe I will start to lose again. I can't stay this way forever. I'll die.

I'm so disgusting.


  1. 4 miles? I am so freaking impressed. I can't do a lap around the gym without needing to stop. You may feel like a "fatass" but you sound to be in pretty good cardiovascular shape to me.

  2. You are doing much better than I at the moment. I would like to borrow your strength and motivation for a bit lol. It seems I have back tracked quite a bit on the weight front but I am reading yours and others blogs and they are helping me become a little more motivated :)

    Keep up the great work!