Weight Loss to Date

Friday, April 2, 2010

I feel fat today. Weighed 166.2. Probably muscle and water weight, but what did I tell you? I hit a weight, balloon back up, and then my body settles. Grabbed some goldfish as soon as I got up. Ate to many. So freaking addictive.

I feet fat today. I'll update later. Hopefully I won't have too many excuses to eat today...

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  1. Thanks for the advice! I really try to avoid drinking anything with aspartame/sucralose, but I do on rare occasions so I'll try and pick that up. I had been drinking my water out of 2-liter soda bottles to try and monitor how much I was drinking but I think that may have just prompted me to drink even more, so today I'm drinking out of normal cups to see if that helps. : ) Haha I'm a mess.

    Goldfish are so, so addictive! Any type of cracker product is, really. I'm completely addicted to saltines. They're like comfort food. I hoard them. It's kind of sad, haha. Maybe try and have fresh vegetables like carrots, broccoli or celery already cut and cleaned so they'll be on hand for when you need to snack. You can essentially eat as much of that as you want and you'd be better off than eating something like goldfish... plus I always feel like the fridge looks so cute with little containers of carrots and celery all nice and organized. : )