Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I probably would have been 159 today. Last night I weighed 160.8. Then I went to my friend's house and they had all this food because they had several people over. I had already committed to staying the night because of some drama at my apartment.

I get really bad heartburn if I am fasting or hardcore restricting, pb cause I drink too much coffee :( So I eat antacids, and if I still have pain I'll have a couple crackers or a low cal piece of bread or something.

I asked for a cracker. They gave me pizza. I ate two pieces. They didn't make me eat it, but I was weak. Then I wanted some chocolate since I had screwed it up, and they obliged. I'm sure I ate 1200 cals. Isn't pizza like 400 cals a slice or something? And then chocolate?

Well, I just weighed. I don't know how the HELL I still lost. I'm 160.0. All I feel is fat. I'm going to the gym.

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