Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It seems life is crazy for all of us... It is the end of April after all. April and May are by nature just a very busy time of year with exams, school programs, field trips, picnics, etc etc etc. I notice a lot of you aren't posting/commenting or apologizing constantly and profusely for not doing these things much. I guess I must do the same, because I've been sucking.

I just can't stop eating.

Its like the floodgates opened. I'm working on regaining control of my mind though. Part of it is that my roommate has a lot of junk in the house right now because one of her friends had a bday party that she threw.

Nothing matters but being skinny. I've gained. I will keep gaining if I dont put a stop to this. Nothing matters but being skinny. NOTHING. Because everything else is attached to it. I will continue to be a fatass forever if I don't fix this. I saw some embarrassing pictures of myself from this week when I accepted my award. Gross.

I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. And I want to be thin. So there's no option but to Control.

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